Live Improvisation by Rockinghorse

Rockinghorse is an improvisation project from dancer Sofia Figueiredo and sound artist Cos Chapman using found and re-purposed objects. Both artists perform site specific improvisations - working together responding to each other's gestures and the space around them.

Cos: "I have been getting gear to do things it wasn’t really designed to do for ages. Either repurposing or pushing beyond the boundaries the designers had in mind. I started by tinkering with domestic reel-to-reels to achieve crude sound on sound and tape delays, I used an aquarium pump with the tube in my mouth as a drone and used a speaker for a microphone. Working around the core purpose of equipment or using unusual objects has been enormously stimulating and creative, happy accidents prompting new ideas. With Sofia this interest has moved to a new level: I have been able to explore this aspect of my work at a greater depth and with more intensity, making the additional step of using materials found on the day around the location of our performance"