Lingering Games in Taiwan

In July 2017 I was lucky enough to travel to Taiwan as part of the physical theatre production “Lingering Games” providing a live sound design. Travelling to Taiwan and immersing myself in a different culture was a fabulous experience, performing too a dream come true - all enjoyed with wonderful people.

The piece itself was powerful and moving providing me with a considerable challenge to follow and complement the performers. I used a range of objects, contact microphones and a child’s 1/2 size electric guitar with various effects and a looper to create the soundscape. The piece was around a year in development and took many hours of rehearsal, but the results were splendid!

'Lingering Games' is a group devised physical theatre project. Working with 6 creative artists including professional dancers, movement artists and theatre practitioners, director / scenographer Cao Cong directed and designed the performance to reveal our wondering in the impermanent life and create a complex game of recurring life routines woven by internal desire.

Performers: Holly Rush, Ewa Limanówka, Robin Khor, Laura D’italia, Raymond Sweetman, Xinyi Shen, Cao

Cong Director/Scenographer: Cao Cong Live

Music: Cos Chapman

Costume: Tong Zhao

Photographer/Poster Designer: Weiman

Videographer: Weiman, Wenqi Tan

Editor: Weiman A Verse Unbound production in collaboration with Cao Cong.

cos chapman